"Time flies... when chasing your dreams."

Life & Butterflies is a metaphor for life. We follow a kid playing with his ball until a butterfly captures his attention. From that point he’ll learn that time flies and that there’s no way to stop it since he can’t stop growing up while following that butterfly.

Our story focuses on that feeling we’ve all had at one time. When we were kids, we didn’t care about time, we just wanted to live and play, but suddenly you are an adult and realize that there is no way to go back.

It may sound sad but it isn’t, because growing up gives us the opportunity to discover new things and enjoy every phase of our lives, and that’s precisely what our protagonist is going to find out.


Written and directed by

Contact: infopabloreigada.com

Produced by

Animation Studio

3D Artists: Raúl Navas, Cristina Tirado, Cesar Lansac, Juan Oroel, Nicolas Simon, Roberto Corral

Textured: Raúl Navas, Cristina Tirado, Cesar Lansac, Juan Oroel, Roberto Corral

Rigging: Javi Polo, Dolo Piqueras, Helmut Schulz y Nicolas Simon

3D Animation: Raúl Navas, Javi Polo, Teresa Cruz y Kamil Kuklo

Lighting: Raúl Navas y Pablo Reigada

Post production: Javi Polo y Javier Clemente

Concept: Pablo Reigada y Nuria Velasco

Storyboard: Javi Polo

Team Supervisor: Pablo Reigada y Javi Polo

Graphic Designer: Pablo Reigada, Javi Polo y Lucía Kempf

Music: José Prieto

Producer: Cosmos FAN

Producer: José Ángel Delgado

Web design: Pablo Reigada, Javi Polo y Lucía Kempf