Our team

Pablo Reigada

Director of the project. Experienced modeler and teacher, who has always dreamed of making his own short movie.

Raúl Navas

Expert in modeling, texturing, lighting and composition. More than 14 years of experience working as a 3D artist, and as a teacher as well.

Javier Polo

Coordinator of the team. Specialized in 3D design and digital environments. He’s an experienced coordinator and has been on a lot of projects related to product and interior design. Another teacher here!

Lucía Kempf

Experienced in 3D and interior design. She’s worked on a lot of different projects that allowed her to develop all sorts of abilities for team organization and efficient workflow.

Dolo Piqueras

Always working on art-related projects, she now works as a teacher, although her true passion is creating rig systems.

Helmut Schulz

3D generalist, who loves animation and character modeling. In this project he has worked as a rigging specialist. Without him nothing would move!

Teresa Cruz

3D animator working in publicity, commercials and cartoon short films. Animation is her passion, she was awarded the Lapp Connected Award and received an Honorable Mention for Young Portuguese Director Award.

Kamil Kuklo

10 years of experience as a 3D generalist and animator. His cartoon animations are perfect for this kind of project, he pays attention to every single detail to make his animations look charming.

Cristina Tirado

She has studied industrial design engineering and she has worked as a graphic designer. Now she is focused on her passion: 3D modeling. But there’s more! She is a texture artist as well, so not only she has worked modelling characters for this project, she painted them too!

César Lansac

He is specialized in hard-surface modeling, but he will make organic models if needed! He likes texturing as well, he thinks it’s a magical experience.

Juan Oroel

You could say he’s a 3D generalist as well, but he actually prefers motion graphics and VFX. What would a park be without good-looking grass?

NicolÁs Simon

He likes modeling but he’s been playing with rigs for this project too! Not only he made props, but he also made the rig for them to be animated.

Roberto Corral

Modeling and texturing, whatever you need. Making his first steps in rigging and animation, he is always willing to learn new skills.

Nuria Velasco

She is a magnificent 2D artist. She has designed most of the characters and part of the environment too! Not bad at all. What would we model without references?

Javier Clemente

Graphic designer with 13 years of television experience. He also works freelance as a video editor and Motion Graphics.

José Prieto

Composer, Producer, Guitarist and Singer. Breathtaking diversity of influence, training and background: He brings it all to music performance and composition.

José Ángel DELGADO

He has directed projects such as the feature film ‘Cromos’ or the documentary ‘La Bolsa de Bielsa’. In this project he works as a producer, always helping thanks to his long cinematographic experience.